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How to really Market Your Fan Page

Getting more Facebook Likes is a priority for any business that maintains a Facebook Page, which nowadays means just about everybody, but for most it seems like rocket science. While you can buy Facebook likes and this is a business strategy that can give your page a boost, it's ideal to be doing more than one thing at a time to try and grow your fanpage. To get more real Facebook Fans, you'll need to find your targeted audience, whether by promoting your Page to your current visitors, customers or clients, or by marketing it to new people who have never heard of you before.
Here are some of the most effective and easy Facebook Marketing techniques we’ve used, and that are proven to work.

1. Just Ask Your Current Visitors / Customers to Like your Page

The squeaky wheel gets the grease. If you never ask, you'll never get anywhere. Whether you have a website, physical store, or an office, it's important to inform your current visitors, customers and clients that you actually have a Facebook Page because it might not have even occured to them to look you up on Facebook before. If they've purchased from you before or have shown interest in buying from you, they should follow you because they'll want to follow your news and see
  • Websites. Put up a link to your Facebook Page, or add a Facebook Widget. This will make it easy for your current visitors to Like your Facebook page. Many web designers and web design templates commonly have Facebook sharing and like buttons somewhere near the upper right of the page or below your content.
  • Physical Store or Office. If you have a Physical Store or Office, tell your customers and clients that you have a Fan Page, and how to get there. Put up a Custom Facebook Decal with both a URL and QR Code on your store window, door, near a register, or on your receptionist's desk. This will definitely get their attention and make it easy for them to Like your page right then and there.
  • Business Cards. If you find yourself handing out Business Cards to clients, customers or peers, you may as well add your Facebook Page link on there as well, especially if your business is popular on Facebook and you have a very well developed page.


2. Advertise on Facebook, Officially.

One of the most popular ways of marketing your Facebook Page is directly on Facebook with Facebook Ads . While some Facebook marketing companies do offer the ability to target by various characteristics, you can use Facebook ads to target specific groups based on their location, age, interests, education and even their connections. This is a great way of reaching potential fans, customers and clients. Here are a few ways to make the best out of your Facebook Advertising Campaign
  • Incentives - People love incentives, whether it's a sale, a discount, free stuff or a contests. Offering these type of incentives can help increase the effectiveness of your Advertising Campaign and get you more likes.
  • Effective Call-to-Action - is the key to get people to actually click your ad. Most Call to Actions use exclamation marks!, and occasional CAPS. Here are some examples: “Check it Out Now!”, “Get your Today!” or “Take Advantage HERE!” or “Enter Today!”. These
  • Optimize. Optimize. Optimize. - When you start your Facebook Advertising campaign, you always have the option to setup multiple Ads. This is perfect, because it allows you to test out different Headlines, Ad Copy and Images to see what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes something as simple as a small word choice can get ads to be twice as effective, or more. This is vital when you have a small amount of clicks. If a particular Ad works well, try to improve it. Look at other techniques used by competitors or companies in similar industries. There’s always room for improvement.


3. Facebook Promoted Posts

Facebook recently introduced their new flat-rate ‘Promoted Posts’ advertising platform which increases one of your Posts exposure to your current fans, as well as Friend’s of your Fans. While this can help you get your Page more exposure and new likes from your extended network, it more used to ensure your current fans see a post you consider very important. Let’s say you’re going to Host a Contests, are going to have a Sale or want to update your fans on something – The flat-fee Promoted Posts can help you ensure your post reaches more of your fans, and thus attract more user engagement and participation.



4. Host a Facebook Contest

Hosting a Facebook Contest, Competition or Sweepstakes is another age-old marketing tactic that can help you gain more exposure for your Facebook Page and help you grab new fans along the way.

If you’re going to start a Facebook Contest, you must use a Third-Party App for creating and administering the contest. Facebook’s Guidelines (unfortunately) prohibit running a contest on your timeline, post or photo, as well as forcing users to Like or Share anything.

No sweat though. There are several paid, and free tools to help you create a Facebook Contest App in no time. Shortstack is one of the most popular tools with dozens cool contest designs which you can use for free if your Page has less than 2,000 Likes.

Any more Bright Facebook Marketing Ideas?

Bright Idea

You’re darn tootin there is. We only listed out four Facebook Marketing Techniques we think are fairly easy to implement and effective enough that you’ll notice results quickly. There are dozens of other ways to Market your Fan Page; from email marketing, word of mouth, to hosting events and more. The most simple tip is very easy though: make sure you're posting high-quality content and interesting stuff on your page that people will actually be interested in sharing with their friends. This is a strategy that does take some real effort, but this is worth it in the long run as you improve your reputation as the place to go to get great information on your speficic niche.


However, marketing your Fan Page is only half of the story. The other half (and definitely the most important part of it all) is what you actually post on your Fan page and how you engage your Facebook Fans. There's a right and wrong way to do this. Checkout our comprehensive ‘How to Engage your Facebook Fans, the right way‘ page for all the advice you’ll need.